June 8, 2018


June is a beautifully activational month within the story of our greater life cycle as it arrives to be a catalyst of transition into the summer season. With the energetic amplification of the Summer Solstice, the richness of life begins to thrive as the opportunity for new adventures emerge in grander fashion. The blooming of nature is our reflection of greater self-expression in the summer season, and we take steps to access greater inner-wisdom to output more innovative and experimental experiences in our lives. In recognition of this aspect during The Transpiral process, we offer this meditation to all who feel inspired to experience it. It is a simple 5 – 10 Minute meditation designed for the participant to uncover a surge of inspiration to take new steps for new experiences in their lives.

I recommend experiencing this meditation at least three times per week for this month.

– Find a quiet relaxing space to reside in, preferably outdoors (though indoors will suffice).
– First standing up, feel your bare feet planted on the ground.
– Close your eyes and feel the energy of the earth as one with the energy of you.
– Allow this feeling to cycle through the body.
– Begin 10 Grounding Breaths:
(Taking slow deep breaths in through the nose, and out through the mouth, very intentional and deliberate.)
– Focus on the air building in the lungs and the oxygen flowing into the blood.
– Feel the invigoration with each breath as the body becomes more alive.
– After the 10 Grounding Breaths begin to focus on everything you can hear around you.
– Simply take this moment as the observe of the rhythm of the external reality all around you.
– Life your arms up with your heart open and feel the energy in the body expand.
– Begin to slowly repeat the words of this mantra silently to yourself for 2 Minutes:
“I am free to be me. I am free to be all that I am, and I am ready to know more of myself.”
– After the 2 Minutes of speaking it silently, now express it vocally for the next 3 minutes.
“I am free to be me. I am free to be all that I am, and I am ready to know myself fully.”
– After the 3 Minutes begin to slowly speak these words when you feel ready:
“I am safe, I am supported, I am loved, I am free.”
“I open my heart in this moment to feel the inspiration to explore.”
– Feel your heart begin to open as you surrender to this moment.
– Bring your hands down with the palms facing out or forward.
– From here recite the Revitalization Mantra as many times as you see fit:
“I am Love, I am Light, I am Joy, I am Peace, I am Abundance, I am Abundant,
I am Power, I am Grace, I am Truth, I am Free.”
– Once you feel complete, conclude the meditation with 3 OM’s.
– Then slowly open your eyes, notice what you are aware of, and create an amazing day.

Peace and Guidance,

Kevin Walton

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