October 6, 2015




For the last thousand years, and even further before that, we’ve played out a very specific game in human existence.  One that functioned from the idea of survival.  Everything was about making it to the next moment, the next day, acquiring what we could while protecting ourselves from outside forces that at any moment could destroy us.  That idea of protection grew into attack as we began conquering each other, amassing all that we could to fill whatever we believed to be lacking that brought us to even more intense stories of fear and separation.  We even began exploiting the Earth to achieve some sense of what we then thought would be fulfillment.  It served the nature of our creativity then, based on the level of awareness we were functioning from in physical reality.  All the while just wanting to feel significant and safe.

Now, however, we have reached a new space of awareness and realization that has brought us to a new inspiration of how we can play the game.  With this new found awareness we have regained access to knowledge and wisdom that provides a true understanding of what is really going on, and what we are truly capable of.

What it will take to truly create lasting, sustainable change is a shift in our perspective by consciously choosing to start living from love, not fear.  As long as we continue to play out the concept of separation and duality, we will continue to play out the story in fear and ultimately witness that frequency reflected in our world as we have for centuries.  If we begin to shift toward love and acceptance, harmony and oneness, more consistently, we’ll allow that to be our guiding factor and it will change the entire story of humanity at an accelerated rate.  We are becoming far more creative in our approach to how we can live, eat, interact, and socialize in a more resourceful way, yet we still continue to make the majority of our choices based on fear.  The more we play out the concept of fear rather than face fear with love, no matter how creative we get in creating a new lifestyle on this planet, we will still respond to each other with the same judgement and disillusionment we have been doing throughout this century.

The truth about this game is that we are all reflections of each other, far more connected than we realize, and we are all in this together.  There is no enemy to fight, there is only us.  As we let this begin to soak in we will start to shift our approach toward one another, and our planet, with a more graceful step in unity.  In this approach we will begin a process that reveals just how significant and safe we are and have always been, that will encourage us to drastically change our approach toward our creative endeavors.  Where do we start?  It wall begins with how we make our choices.  In every moment we are either choosing love or fear.  Any choice we make based on things outside of ourselves is a choice made from fear.  Any choice made from the genuine inspiration in our heart is a choice made from love.  Learn to recognize the difference.  As we learn to make peace with our fears and limitations, rather than avoid them, we allow ourselves to shift them and open the pathway to live in a world beyond the requirement for those experiences.

– Begin making choices based on the inspiration in your heart, not your head.

– Stop fighting for what you think is just, and start standing for peace and love.

– Learn to accept everyone where they are by first accepting yourself.

– Take time for you and your passions, learn how to appreciate the moment.

– Love starts with you.  Start learning to love yourself more.

– Stop making choices based on comparisons and guilt, your life is your own.

– Cherish your imagination and cultivate it incessantly, get more creative.

The list can go on and on, but let’s consider this to be a suitable starting place.  The beautiful thing about it all, is that this shift, has already begun.  Everyday we are learning more and more about how connected we are, and how much we can relate to each other no matter where we are from or what language we speak.  To change the world is a conscious choice because it starts with us.  No challenge was ever solved at the same level of consciousness that conceived it.  So what’s one thing you are going to start doing differently to bring more harmony into your life?  How will you start spreading love?


I now witness a world where civilization is unified in recognition of the truth.  A world where I now understand my connection to all things in existence and behave with harmonious integrity in all relationships.  In that integrity I now function in my honest expression and I am both encouraged and supported to be more transparent at all times.  I now understand how I show up for others as they show up for me and I take complete ownership and responsibility of my life in honor of that service.  Unconditional absolute love is now the driving force, acceptance of all is now the guiding principle, and through compassion, I acknowledge everyone’s right to exist.  In that acknowledgment I encourage others to live in a greater expression of themselves as I live in service from the truth in my heart.  I now witness a world where I allow myself to feel everything and have command of my emotions as I recognize their role in my own creative abilities.  Through this emotional mastery, enhancing creativity is now an essential necessity in my way of life.  Imagination is now cultivated, recognized as a vital asset in my basic human development.  I now witness a civilization where I can wield my power more deliberately and constructively by living in the strength of my own vulnerability, knowing all aspects of myself are valid within my own experiential self.  All basic necessities are now met and the prosperity of the collective is now reflected in society as what is of the highest benefit for the people and the environment is always the top priority.  All challenges are now faced with clarity, understanding, and gratitude as I now understand the purpose and function of all experience.  I now witness complete sustainable living, a more harmoniously serving economy, a path greater developed in self-sufficiency with an instinctive order to provide for the all.  This includes an education system that evolves and adapts as my collective consciousness does and places stock in a student’s knowledge of self being just as important in their development as any core curriculum.  State of mind is now a focal point and the ability to enhance self-awareness is a mandate toward the mastery of my creative powers and my emotional output into the field.  Living in expanded awareness now sees rigidity give way to the freedom of undeniable growth, shifting through the constant evolution of my conscious thoughts and ever expanding creative nature.  I now witness a world where I bask in my oneness, elevate my frequency, explore my unlimited creative potential, and deliberately create the reality of my choosing.  I now change, forever and always, what it means to have the human experience.

– Kevin Walton



The work we put in is not to overcome some inadequacy.  The work is to test the limitlessness of our creativity, our strength, our will, our capabilities, our talent, and our greatness.  If we can change our perspective, the reality we create will surely follow.