Here’s the coolest thing about life the more you grow in greater understanding and awareness. It is always you. It always stems from you and it always comes back to you. Any love or joy you feel towards anything is merely reflecting the love and joy that you have allowed yourself to feel and be in that moment. Any fear or hate you feel toward anything is the reflection of your own misaligned function that you are allowing to play out within you. Any great adventure (which is really all life is in totality) is an exploration in your own unlimited creative potential. Any judgement you have about anyone or anything is literally a judgement about that aspect of yourself, period. And all that reflects is your lack of understanding about yourself and you act it out with the thing you consider to be outside of you. The sexual energy that drives us toward the act of sex is actually the life force moving in the desire to know itself completely. Any fear, war, attack, or defense is playing out the idea that we are separate from each other and must then fend for our survival as we explore the concept of conflict within ourselves. Any attachment to a story is the fear of letting go out of not knowing who we are but the only thing in the unknown is just more of our own selves to explore. Any energy we think we are taking on from “others” is actually just the “other” showing up in the reflection of what energy we are already holding within and are playing out that they reveal to us by showing up in our space. This is the coolest thing about life. No matter how the story looks, how it is playing out in “appearance”, no one takes on anyone’s anything and no one does anything to anyone. It is, and I mean this quite literally, just you. It is all your own story and we all just show up in service of each other to shift, grow, and remember. There is nothing bad, negative, or evil about anyone, it is simply the act of playing out creative expression whether that is in love or fear. This is life, life is you, you are absolutely all of it. When we live in this understanding collectively, the story of the human experience will be played out completely different, in the most amazing way. And the idea of fear and conflict will no longer be necessary. And that is where we are already heading. That is a world we shall create.

My Honor.  My Gratitude.  My Love.

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