The Autumn Path

November is a beautifully refreshing month within the story of our greater life cycle. It arrives to be a valiant pillar of the fall season with all of it’s colorful splendor being a powerful indicator of preparation. We adjust to many changes within our lives heading into the winter where the completion of another round of transformation takes place. In recognition of this aspect during The Transpiral process I offer this meditation to all who feel inspired to experience it. It is a simple 15 Minute meditation designed for the participant to uncover an important measure of peace and gratitude for the journey thus far and a spark of supportive energy from higher guidance to offer clarity toward what step to take next. From my heart to your heart I trust you will enjoy it.

I recommend experiencing this meditation at least three times per week for this month.

– Find a quiet relaxing space to reside in, either indoors or outdoors.
– Get comfortable in the space by sitting up or laying down whichever is preferred.
– I invite you to close your eyes and begin 10 Grounding Breaths:
(Taking slow deep breaths in through the nose, and out through the mouth, very intentional and deliberate.)
– After the 10 Cycles, let your breath return to its natural flow and simply be present with the body.
– Notice what the body is communicating:
(Invite each aspect of the body to relax. Feel the lungs expand and contract, Feel the energy moving throughout the body.)
– Slowly begin to let go to the moment, allowing thoughts to be thoughts, feelings to be feelings.
– Simply bask in the awareness of knowing you exist and take your time in that space.
– Begin to slowly repeat the words of this mantra silently to yourself for 5 Minutes:
“I allow myself to be grateful, I allow myself to know peace.”
– After the 5 Minutes settle back into the stillness.
– Notice what you’re feeling, what you’re seeing, what you’re remembering.
– Now focus back on the breath as it flows naturally and simply remain still.
– Begin to slowly speak these words when you feel ready:
“I am safe, I am supported, I am loved, I am free.”
“I open my heart in this moment to receive higher guidance.”
– Feel your heart begin to open as you surrender to this moment.
– Once opened, ask a question from your heart to your higher self in regards to whatever clarity you seek.
– After asking it, remain open and still to receive the message.
(Note: this message may come instantly or it may reveal itself at a later moment more serving.)
– After a few moments of stillness being open to receiving express you’re thankfulness to your higher self.
– Place your attention back to the breath and complete 5 more Grounding Breaths.
– Conclude the meditation with one Om to allow this beautiful energy to solidify and ripple outward.
– Then, once you feel ready, wiggle your fingers and toes, slowly open your eyes, and gather your sense.
– Take a moment for some light intuitive stretching and when you’re ready, create an amazing day.

My Honor. My Gratitude. My Love.

Kevin Walton

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